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4 Poker Games For Kids

Oct. 22, 2019

Playing cards are generally games that adults often play. Sometimes children see big people playing, and they always want to touch a few. Parents may wish to take advantage of their children's interest in playing cards and the characteristics of cards and numbers in their playing cards, so that children can develop intelligence in the process of playing cards.

So which kinds are suitable for children to play? As a Board Game Supplier, we can provide you with several methods.

1. Paving the bridge: There are two players in the game, and there are not many players. According to the number of players, the cards are divided into corresponding number of copies, and then each player participates in a card and is arranged in a long column. If the card is the same as one of the cards in the long column above, then all the cards between the two cards are returned to him. The player who plays the card at the end is the most successful. In the process of playing, the parents can guide the children to read the numbers and colors on the cards, so that he can slowly recognize the numbers. Another benefit of this game is that it can develop a child's keen observation. In a multitude of cards, you can see the same number of cards as your own.

2. Specific size

I put the card into two in the same way, and the child is half of one person. Each person has a card to see who has a big card. Who is the two cards? If it is the same, put it next to it, then take the next one. The card, the one that won twice, the last number of cards in the hand. Of course, it can be reversed to be smaller than that. The child's reverse thinking also gets a kind of training. In this process, not only can the children be taught the numbers, but also the concept of size between numbers.

3. Change cards

Take 3 cards, put the king in it, let the children remember the position of the king, and then start to change the position of the card constantly, and finally let the child find out where the king is. The speed is slow and fast, the number of changes is also small, and the number of cards can be increased, which can exercise the child's ability to concentrate and respond quickly. If there are more children, it is more interesting to play this game together.

Cards Game

Cards Game

4. Shorthand card

Feel free to take 3 cards, show them to the child, and buckle back, let him say what the 3 cards you just saw are. According to his ability, the cards can be from less to more, and the time for him is slowly cut back. The fun of this game is relatively small, but also has certain difficulty. The younger children may not last long. Adults can accompany this game. When the child is tired, they can play other games and transfer the children. attention. By constantly repeating, increase your child's interest in playing this game. The shorthand card is a very effective training method for exercising your child's memory ability. If your child can remember 5 to 7 cards at a time, that's pretty good. Of course, remember to put the cards in the PU Cards Box after playing, and don't let the children develop the habit of discarding them.

You should pay attention when playing:

1. When playing cards, you can take out j, q, k, a from the cards to avoid confusion.

2. Encourage your child to loudly report the cards they want to play out when they are playing, thus enhancing their understanding of the numbers.

3. In order to keep the child interested in playing cards, he can give the child some chances of victory at the beginning. After he is proficient, he must seriously play with him. He must educate the child to have a correct attitude to face. Win or lose.

These are just a few Cards Game for kids to play. In this process, you should carefully guide and let the children explore the fun in the game and develop the brain to achieve the effect of the game puzzle.

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