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6 Multiplayer Card Games

May. 23, 2020

Tabletop Game Manufacturer to introduce you to 6 multiplayer kindergarten Card Game Golf.

1. Find a neighbour

Purpose: Practice finding neighbours. How to play: More than one person can participate. After the cards were distributed, the cards flowed out in turn, the first person played the cards, and the rest matched the number of adjacent cards. The matching card must be set aside and can no longer be used. In order to win the first player and take turns.

2. Grab the seat

Goal: By personally participating in the game, you can quickly and correctly identify the ordinal number within 5 rules. Rule: 5 people must fail together and cannot peep in advance. How to play: A group of 5 toddlers. The sitting position of the infant seat is about 1 to 5. The red mark of seat 1 is inserted as a mark. Prepare 1 to 5 20 cards. Everyone puts one card and the flop together, then immediately finds a seat based on the number in his hand, and checks each other for correctness. If there are two identical cards, it depends on who grabs the seat first. If there is no seat, you must show the show. (Children can gradually increase it to 10 after mastering it).

3. Pairing

Purpose: Identify numbers, practice equal sets

How to play: Multiple people can participate. The order of the participants is: 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on. After issuing the cards, everyone will find all the cards with the same number in their hands and put them aside. The hand with a few cards left wins.

Cards Game

Cards Game

4. Solitaire

Purpose: Practice finding adjacent numbers

How to play: Multiple players can participate. After issuing the card, use the card "Peach 7" as the central card. The cardholder first prints the card then centres it on the card and then presses the card that is 1 larger or smaller than the card. Terminate the card. In turn, the first player will win.

5. Identify the game

Take 1-10 cards and let the children randomly draw one, such as "Peach 6". Observe how many patterns are in the card? What's the number? In the game, children will look at the patterns and count the numbers when playing cards. In this way, they can read the picture repeatedly, count and identify the numbers so that they can clearly understand the number of patterns in 10 and the meaning of the numbers.

6. Who is different

Objective: To guide young children to find non-type cards. Rule: Quickly find different cards and tell the reason. How to play: Prepare four sets of cards from 1 to 5. Teachers form a set of playing cards with different numbers or different playing cards. See which child can find the fastest child.

Have you learned the above China Cards Game?

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