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Do You Know About Blackjack In Poker Games?

Jul. 22, 2020

Blackjack is a simple and easy to play poker game. The rules are simple but rich in meaning. It is called "BlackJack" in some professional places. This game is common in Hong Kong King of Gambling movies.

Let us first introduce the rules.

Number of players

There is usually one dealer with 1~7 players.


Usually a deck of cards is used to remove 52 of the big and small kings. Professional casinos will use 2 or 4 or more decks of cards. Of course, the more cards used, the harder it is to win the game by calculation.


At the beginning of the game, the dealer shuffles the cards, "exposes" a card, that is, reveals a card, and places it at the bottom of the entire deck.

Then, the dealer dealt himself two cards, one up and the other down.

Deal two cards to the player, both face down.

The cards that face down are called hidden cards, and the cards that face up are called bright cards.

Place a bet

Players can place large bets when the cards are favorable and small bets when the cards are unfavorable according to their own cards. Generally, casinos will set the maximum and minimum bets, so we don’t need to bet when we usually play.


For A, the player can choose 1 point or 11 points; for JQK, it is treated as 10 points; for other cards, the points are the number of the cards.

Card A is called soft card, and other cards are called hard cards.

Player's goal

Each player tries to total more points than the dealer, but cannot exceed 21 points.


If the player or the first two cards received are Aces and a 10-point card (10JQK), the hand is called BlackJack.

If the player is BlackJack and the dealer is not, the player wins 1.5 times the bet.

If the dealer is BlackJack and the player is not, the player loses the bet.

If the player and the dealer are both BlackJack, a tie is made.

Ask for a card

The dealer asks the players one by one whether they want cards. Players can want it or not. The cards that the players want are all face up, that is, the clear cards.

If the player's points are "popped", that is, if it exceeds 21 points, the player loses and must show a hidden card.

When all players stop asking for cards, the dealer shows the hole cards. If his points are less than 17, he must continue to ask for cards, and if his points are greater than or equal to 17, he must stop asking for cards. (If point A is counted as 11 so that the total number of points is not less than 17, you must stop asking for cards.)

In other words, the player has the right to choose, whether they want it or not, but the dealer does not.

Bill, please

If the player does not exceed 21 points, the dealer overtakes and the player wins.

If there is no overtaking, the one with the larger points wins.

If the number of points is the same and does not exceed 21 points, it is tied.

More advanced rules


If the player's hole cards are a pair, he can choose to show the cards and divide them into the first of two hands. This is called a split, and the bet is doubled. The dealer will give the player two more hidden cards as the hole cards of the two hands.

Note: After the cards are divided, you get A and 10 points, not BlackJack, only 21 points.


After seeing the hidden card, the player can choose to double the bet and then ask for another card, but he cannot continue to ask for the card, reveal the hole card, and wait for the dealer to show the card last.

That's almost it.

Our analysis found that under this rule, it is almost impossible to win the dealer.

It seems that the dealer is an unselectable operation, and the player can have the initiative, but in fact, the dealer’s operation strategy is a very powerful strategy, even if the math is excellent (only he has ever played a casino in history, Afterwards, the casino slightly revised the rules, and he couldn't win anymore), and he could only get a very small advantage.

But you can’t follow the banker strategy (you need cards less than 17) because:

If both sides do not explode, the one with the larger points wins, the smaller the points lose, and the points are equal.

If both parties blow up, the player loses! (Trap, from then on unfair betting)

If there is only one BlackJack, BlackJack wins

If both parties are BlackJack, it is a tie.

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