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7 Multiplayer Card Games In Kindergarten.

Apr. 09, 2020

Tabletop Game Manufacturer comes to introduce you to 7 multiplayer kindergarten Cards Game.

1. Find neighbors, Purpose: Practice finding neighbors. How to play: More than one person can participate. After the cards are distributed, the cards flow out of the round, the first person plays the cards, and the rest match the number of adjacent cards. The matching cards must be set aside and can no longer be used. Take turns in order to win with the player who finishes first.

2. Find the same, the purpose: to identify the number, practice equal set

How to play: Multiple people can participate. Before the cards are dealt, a number is determined. After the cards are dealt, each person takes out the cards with the same number as the ones just determined and put them aside. By analogy, the player who finishes first wins.

3. Pairs, purpose: to identify the numbers, practice equal sets

How to play: Multiple people can participate. The participants are arranged in the order of 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. After the cards are dealt, everyone finds out all the cards with the same number in their hands and put them aside. The hand with the few remaining cards wins.

Cards Game

Cards Game

4. Solitaire, the purpose: practice to find the adjacent number

How to play: Multiple players can participate. After the card is dealt, use the card "Peach 7" as the center card. The cardholder first plays the card, then centers on it, and presses the card 1 bigger or 1 smaller than the card. Terminate the card. In turn, the player who finishes first will win.

5. Recognition game Take 1-10 playing cards and let the children draw one at random, such as "Peach 6". Observe how many patterns are in the card? What is the number? In the game, the children look at the patterns while playing cards, and count the numbers. This way, they can repeatedly read the pictures, count, and recognize the numbers, so that they have a clear understanding of the number of patterns within 10 and the meaning of the numbers.

6. Who has different goals: To guide young children to find out the cards that are not of this type. Rule: Quickly find different cards and tell why. How to play: Prepare four sets of cards from 1 to 5. The teacher forms a set of cards, where the numbers are different or the cards are different. See which child can find out the fastest.

7. Grab a seat. Goal: By personally participating in the game, you can quickly and correctly recognize the ordinal number within 5 Rule: 5 people must flop together and cannot peek in advance. How to play: A group of 5 toddlers. The toddler seats are seated in the order of 1 ~ 5. The red flag of seat 1 is inserted as a sign. Prepare 20 cards from 1 to 5, each person draws a card and flops together, then immediately finds a seat according to the number in his hand and checks each other for correctness. In the case of two identical cards, it depends on who grabs the seat first, and if there is no seat, you have to show the show. (Children can gradually increase the number to 10 after mastering it).

Have you learned the above China Cards Game?

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