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Chess Game Has Become The First Choice For Online Game Business

Sep. 23, 2019

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With the gradual return of Internet online games to rational  development, more and more operators and publishers are no longer blindly eager  to pursue online game gimmicks, and more to start to look at the product quality  and sustainable profitability of online games. In this context, there is a type  of online game that has begun to highlight its value, that is, online chess and card games.

Customized Board Games

Customized Board Games 

Strong ability to absorb gold

Chess game is a combination of leisure and entertainment. With the  development of mobile internet, the demand for entertainment on the palm is  increasing. More and more people are eager to get leisure and entertainment  through mobile phones. And with the continuous improvement of living standards,  the attitude of the majority of players to the game has been further changed: no  longer lack of money, but lack of time. Large online games, such as  role-playing, action games, shooting games, etc., almost all require a lot of  time and effort. It is obviously not suitable for young white-collar workers.  Only simple, casual and instant chess games are just right. In line with this  characteristic requirement, this makes the young “壕” become the largest consumer group of chess games, and the user  viscosity is very high.

Low investment threshold and low risk

In the online game industry, the development and operating capital of  chess and card games is far lower than other online games. The data of  large-scale online game games is huge, and the first ones to maintain their operations are also one or two hundred. Moreover, due to the complexity of the  program, various bugs are often prone to occur, and some bugs cannot even be  perfectly repaired, which seriously affects the experience of the player and  directly causes the user to lose. Some online game companies with insufficient  strength are always at risk of bankruptcy. Chess games are relatively simple and easy to manage. They don't need too much human resources to operate. This makes  it easier to manage and manage. Operators can put more energy into improving  game quality, promotion, business competition and so on. on. In general, chess  game investment threshold is low, operation and management is convenient, and  investment risk is low.

Local special chess game is popular

Chess games cover all parts of the country, but chess games in  different places always have its characteristics, which is a good breakthrough.  In addition to the existing network giants doing casual board games, the current  chess game development and operators have promoted the operation to local  characteristics, and Customized Board Games according to different characteristics of different places, and achieved very good results. Everyone who plays their own "hometown flavor" game  will always feel natural and intimate. It feels like returning to the joyful  time of a few hometowns in a game. Grasping the user's heart, the user's loyalty  is naturally very high.

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