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Killer Rabbit: How Does This Game Work?

Nov. 20, 2021

As more and more of you become experts at the game, we must take a moment to acknowledge the fact that some of you are still just beginners. If you have one of these "bunny newbies" in your group, then please let them read this instructional article! When teaching a group of people how to play Killer Bunnies, the number of players is between 4 and 8. There are 7 main game rules that HOPES introduces you to, and you are welcome to visit our website to find more fun games.

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1, First set up the small cabbage and water cards and the large carrot card at Kaballa's Market. After shuffling the small carrot cards in front of the group, have the person next to you cut the cards. Declare to the group that the goal of the game is to collect as many carrots as possible. And show the player the Big Carrot card.

The game ends when all the carrots are taken from Kaballa's Market. The player who places the carrots on the bottom of the deck is the winner. This may sound simple, but there is a catch. You must have one rabbit alive at the end of the game to win. If you don't have at least one rabbit alive, then you don't win.

2. Next, seven cards are dealt to each player. You will always have 7 cards when you play. First look for a card that says Kaballa Dolla, which is rabbit money. Keep the Kaballa Dolla close by and save it for as long as you have it during the game. Before moving on to the next step, all players should put down their Dolla and replace the card with the card.

Now pay attention to the text at the top of each card. If you have a "Play Now", put them in the discard.

3, The next rule relates to the rectangular box on the left box of each card. When the box lights up pink, it means that you need a rabbit to play the card. If it is blank, you do not need a rabbit. There are five different colors and five different kinds of rabbits. Hold them up so that everyone can see them.

4, Here are three suggestions about what cards would be best to play next. I would play a choice of carrot cards, weapons, or feed the rabbits. So each person chooses a second card to play and then puts it in front of them under your first card. Prove it and make sure everyone is on track. Players must always have 5 cards and 2 in their hand. This is our fourth rule. 

5, When a player uses a weapon for the first time, explain rule #5 about the eight boxes on the right box of each card. The weapon may be the first card that fills the box, so you can explain that the color corresponds to the dice the player needs to roll for that card.

6, the next rule is likely to work when the player has no rabbits. Rule 6 deals with the difference between a Run card and a Special card. When a player does not have a rabbit and the top card is flipped, two things can happen. If it does not have a pink box, then it is discardable. If it does have a pink box, it is unplayable and must be discarded.

7, The next rule has to do with playing special cards from your hand immediately instead of flipping them. Special cards can only be used on your turn, while very special cards can be used on anyone's turn.

Killer Rabbit: How Does This Game Work?cid=5

One suggestion is not to buy yourself more than two carrots. If you have a large number of Choice Carrots cards, distribute them to the players who need them most under the "guise" of a deal. In this way, you can also demonstrate the reels and dealing aspects of the game. Try to keep the game "balanced" between players and keep as many people alive as possible until the end of the game.

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