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Poker Game At Ten Thirty

Aug. 15, 2020

Let's talk about it first, whether the bottom cup is how many cups to drink or accept other punishments. Penalties can be increased later in the game. But there must be a certain limit.

Rule:A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, where A is 1 point, other cards are their own points, and J, Q, K, and kings are all counted as half points.

Dealing cards: Choose one person to be the dealer, and start the deal counterclockwise. The dealer finally takes the cards. Each player has 1 card as the hole card. The players have hidden cards. In order to avoid the suspicion of cheating, you can directly change the direction when the next round of cards are dealt, or start the deal from the second person in the counterclockwise direction (the first round is the first one in the counterclockwise direction, and so on).

Ask for a card: Before asking for a card, you can raise when you don't see your own card, and you can raise after you ask for a card (you must have your own card not turned over before you can raise).

Cards Game

Cards Game

Players can choose whether to ask for cards according to the points of their hole cards, up to 4 cards. When the number of points exceeds 10:30, it is counted as a failure. After the penalty (the current penalty, including the raise), the card is taken back, another card is dealt to the penalized person, and the card is re-requested until it does not exceed ten. Until half past o'clock.

Players who do not take the initiative to be punished more than half past ten will be punished twice as much as possible.

Finally, everyone showed the cards in their hands and compared them, and the player with the smallest card face was punished.

The rules are relatively simple, just show you a few cards: 10:30: It's all 10:30, but there are more cards on the left than on the right, so the one on the left is bigger, and the rules for cards with the same number of points are more. There is a special one. We call it "five-flower" here. The five-flower card is second only to five-card at half past ten.

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