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Poker Game-Open Happy Time

Jun. 16, 2020

At present, due to the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, the start of school is delayed, but the growth of children is not delayed. Dear friends: As long as there is a goal in mind and a child in mind, there is education everywhere. Today, the Cards Game Partners chose a small game suitable for exercise at home, let us start our happy parent-child time together! Playing cards are one of our most common, old-fashioned, simplest, and cheapest game materials. How to let children exercise their brains in Card Games and really play high school, learn Chinese music, and grow in music?


Game 1: "Find Fast" learning classification by suit

First break up the poker and put the suit face down on the table. The goal is to find the same suit. The player turns over the two cards in turn. If it is not the same color, let everyone see the suit and try to remember their position (within a specified time, such as 3 seconds), and then put it back, the next person continues, if it is drawn A pair of the same color is a pair, and take the pair to your side. When all pokers are paired, each player counts the cards he has in his hand, and the one with the most cards wins.

Game 2: "Guess single and double" to understand single and double numbers and understand the meaning

Play in groups of two, singular and even numbers respectively, and then take turns to flop, the odds and evens of the cards that you turn out match your own guess, and you will have it. Two handles confirm whether the guess is accurate) Finally, the side with the most cards wins.

Card Games

Card Games

Game 3: "Solitaire" forms the concept of a natural number sequence, and recognizes the adjacent numbers

In pairs, take the cards in turn, and take each card to see if it can be connected to the previous number in a sequential relationship. When all the cards are finished, who has all the cards in a sequential relationship. Who is the winner. At this time, we can look for the two numbers immediately before and after it, that is, its neighbors. (Suitable for middle and large class children)

Game 4: Compare the size of the number of "eating fish"

The playing cards are reversed on the table, played in groups of two or three, and each person takes turns to take the cards. Each card is opened and compared with each other. The person with the big cards wins all the cards with the small players. In the end, whoever has the most cards wins.

Game 5: "flop" to understand the composition and addition and subtraction of numbers

The playing cards are reversed on the table. The two of them will take 5 cards first. From the 6th card, they will turn over the following cards in turn. If the number of any two cards in the hand is exactly the number of the turned cards, these three cards The cards can be laid down separately, and whoever has the first three cards and the third one will be the winner.


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