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The Best Dices Games and What I Can Learn

Mar. 17, 2022

Picking out the best dices games can be a daunting task, especially with the number of games that exist in the market today. Ultimately, the best dices games will be the ones that users find most interesting, so identifying the types of games you typically enjoy is a good way to ensure the best gaming experience.

The Best Dices Games and What I Can Learn

Things to know before buying

Number of players

When browsing the best dice games, it is important to consider if there is a specific number of players that are looking. While some classic dice games may only be suitable for two players, others may include the option to play with three or more players - sometimes with no limit on the maximum number of players.

Level of competition

It's also worth considering the competitiveness of a given dice game before making a purchase, as you'll ultimately want to match the shades of the game you and other players enjoy. While some dice games are extremely competitive, others are more casual, with slower games and more frequent reward systems. If you like side-by-side games, then a competitive game may be best for you, while those who prefer casual games should choose dices games that don't get too hot.

Age of Players

Another important factor to consider when buying a dices game is whether the given game suggests an age limit. You need to consider the ages of the people you plan to play with, as some games are designed for children, while others may be suitable for the whole family.

The Best Dices Games and What I Can Learn

What to look for in fun

Ultimately, the most important feature of any game is the ability to provide pure fun for the player. The fun of a given game will be highly subjective, which is why it is helpful to consider which games you enjoy in order to get the best experience for any dice game you decide to purchase.

Easy to learn and easy to teach

While it's not always necessary, finding dice games that are easy to learn and teach will help minimize the stress of making sure you and your party play correctly - especially for brand new players of the game.

Wide range of age groups

Games designed specifically for children can be a lot of fun, especially when the players are all within the age range specified for the game. But buying dice games with a variety of possible ages is a great way to increase the overall inclusiveness of the game while ensuring that the game doesn't become stale as it ages.

The Best Dices Games and What I Can Learn

Why are dice games so popular?

In addition to providing some good old-fashioned fun, dice games are widely used for their simple setup, portability, and ease of learning.

Yahtzee Dice Games

Yahtzee remains one of the best known and most popular dice games today as players attempt to roll five dice with the same number using all five dice, while also gaining access to other dice combinations. In addition to the scorecard pad and shaker cup, this particular dice game has five dice.

Farkle Dice Game

Another modern classic, Farkle is all about taking calculated risks when rolling and is also great for the whole family and easy to learn.

The game forces players to keep trying their luck - hoping not to let their rolls fall through the cracks. A roll that doesn't score is called a "Farkle" and ends the user's turn, taking all the points out of their hands.

Yamslam Dice Game

This fun dice game contains elements of poker, Yahtzee and other games, and includes multiple chips in addition to the included set of dice.

During the game, players should roll the dice three separate times in order to get the highest possible roll. Whichever one rolls best earns them a chip, which is used to detail each player's position on the scoreboard.

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