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How To Make Playing Cards?

Jul. 06, 2020

When family and friends get together, and the journey is boring, when it happens that the mobile phone is out of power and there are no games to play, many people choose to play cards to pass the time. With the popularity of mobile phones, playing cards has also become popular on mobile phones. A lot of people started to play cards game, but there are still many people who are loyal players of physical cards. I believe everyone has played cards with friends. Do you know the process of making cards? Cards Game Manufacturer will tell you next.

There is no difficulty in making poker cards. When first designing poker cards, the patterns and styles of the cards were designed on the computer. This method is collectively called graphic design. After designing the card pattern on the computer, it is sent to printing. The printing house prints the playing cards and then performs the peritoneum. After packing and packing, it can be sold. The quality of playing cards depends on the quality of the paper on which they are made. For example, the playing card paper that we usually buy on the market is very hard. This is to extend the service life of the playing cards and thus the number of uses.

I mentioned the computer graphic design, printing, and finally it can be sold after the peritoneum. There are some other processes, such as indentation and bronzing. Although this will greatly improve the overall aesthetics and texture of the playing card, but this greatly Has increased the overall cost, and few people will make such high cost playing cards.

The process of making playing cards is not difficult. The most important thing is to make according to the number. The large number will make a profit. The minimum number of cards to make is usually 1,000. Because the cost of mass production is low, the playing cards are being produced. It's all in batch production.

Cards Game can be said to be a must-have for leisure. It is a good prop for magicians and a good helper for ordinary people to fight boredom. But few people know that there are many stories in this little card.

There are many sayings about the origin of playing cards, one of which is that it originated from the Song Dynasty in China. Since the 14th century, game cards have appeared in Europe. Experts speculate that Asia was introduced to Europe, and the most likely one is China.

Cards that first appeared in Europe, unlike today's cards, are universal and inexpensive. At the time, playing cards were a veritable luxury. Because the engraving printing technology was not yet developed at the time, most of the cards were carefully hand-painted by craftsmen, and some even decorated with gold paint and gems. Each deck of cards will have a different theme. Artisans will look for inspiration from historical events and current events, and then turn their imagination into a lifelike pattern on the cards, and the lives of the nobles will be “cards”.

After the 15th century, woodblock printing became popular in decoration, and the patterns on cards became more exquisite. When you see this, some people may ask, why can't I see the spades, hearts, plums, and cubes on these cards? This is because the French playing cards we are now accustomed to have been used by the French since about 1480 AD. In fact, these characters on French cards are not drawn casually, each one has its own allusions.

Art is a very small thing in many people's hearts. It always feels far away from them and difficult to understand. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether the public or the niche is easy to understand or understand, whether they appreciate or not, even a small playing card that everyone loves, or the popular Board Game, has a lot to do with art. Therefore, it is important to meet it with an open mind.

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