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Use the Metal Coins in Your Hand to Play Mini Games with Children!

Mar. 18, 2020

The essence of sensory integration training is through various targeted sensory stimuli to allow children's brains and major sensory systems to improve their sensory integration ability in the process of continuous interaction. Therefore, in professional sensory integration training, the training teacher often uses a large number of sensory integration teaching aids to design colorful game links to allow children to climb, climb, roll, jump, jump, wear, clip, paint, nail, pinch, etc. During the operation of various activities, a large amount of self-experience and ability improvement were obtained.

However, in the family, due to space and economic constraints, it is obviously not realistic to purchase a large number of professional sensory aids. Therefore, this requires parents and friends to open their minds and find out some "alternative teaching aids" that have similar functions to the sensory integration teaching aids, so that in the process of training children at home, they can also achieve relatively ideal effect. For example, the use of "simmons mattresses" at home can replace the "jumping bed" of professional sensory teaching aids, and the use of combs, hair brushes, or even parents' hands can replace the "tactile massage brush" of professional sensory teaching aids. Of course, even if it does not have similar functions to professional sensory integration teaching aids, as long as it can achieve the purpose of sensory integration training-allowing the child's brain and major sensory systems to improve their sensory integration ability in the process of continuous interaction, can be used for "sense training".

For example, today’s Board Game Manufacturer is going to talk about something like metal coins, which is very common and easy to get, but as long as everyone's brains are wide open and they are thinking, they will be able to design a lot of tricks!

Game one: throw metal coins

Take a metal coin at hand, and you can play the game of tossing metal coins with your child. Parents can toss it, let the child pick it up, or let the child toss it by themselves. Exercise your child's visual tracking, reaction and hand-eye coordination.

Game 2: Rotate Metal Coins

Parents teach their children to rotate metal coins with their fingers, and then compete with their children. After watching the rotation together, whose metal coins rotate longer, they can exercise their children's fine movements and sense of instruction.

Metal Coins

Metal Coins

Game three: metal coins back and forth

Have the child grab five metal coins in his hand, lift up with his hands, throw all the metal coins into the air, then quickly turn his hands with his back facing upwards, and see that the back of his hands can catch a few metal coins, and then continue to force the metal coins Once again thrown into the air, and accurately caught the metal coins when they fell. This is an extension of Xiaobian playing the stone game (I believe many parents have also played it), it is very fun and very challenging. Children often play such games, which can exercise hand-eye coordination and improve the flexibility of their opponents.

Game 4: Continuous vertical metal coins

Parents and children each hold the same number of metal coins in hand, and then start to assemble metal coins together, and see who will finish it first (if the child's ability is limited, parents should pay attention to properly let the child.) Playing such games is also Test the fine movements of the child's hand, often let the child erected metal coins continuously, can exercise his fine movements and control of the hand, and of course, focus.

All in all, even the most common metal coins can be ever-changing and play a lot of tricks. Then, in addition to the above-listed gameplay, there are also Plastic Dice and other fun and can improve children's sense of integration and can help our children They grow healthier, happier, and confident!

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