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What are the Card Games That Five People can Play?

Feb. 18, 2020

In daily life, chess and card is a very easy and enjoyable mass game. However, in most people's impressions, this entertainment seems to be limited to four people. Two people play chess, and the layout is wrong. You come and go; three people fight against the landlord. There are more personal choices, double buckle and egg scramble, cooperate with each other to learn from each other's strengths; the rest of the people can only "stand by." But in fact, as a card game country, there are many card games full of strong local characteristics, and five people play card games. And these games are more competitive and more entertaining because they have more players. Because a lot of times, you can't tell who is a trusted teammate and who is the opponent who needs collective confrontation. The Board Game Manufacturer introduces the card games that five people can play.

01 Playing Big A

Inner Mongolia not only has a man with a set of horses, but also a big A game known to women and children. This is also a classic five-player chess and card game, using two decks of cards, three-on-two or one-on-four. The characteristics of playing Cards Games such as Big A are rich in content, flexible and versatile, and rigorous. Three-for-two or one-for-four reflects the independent and cooperative co-existing playing skills of the players, which further enhances the confrontation of the hand. When playing offline, you may find that this is a game of "playing cards by roar, winning cards by acting", which is most suitable for acquaintance entertainment; but if you play online in the same city, how to play this particular strategy Coordinating games still require certain skills.

Cards Games

Cards Games

02 Dog Legs

If there is any card game that can play the taste of "who is undercover", catching a dog's leg can be regarded as one. The special game of catching a dog leg is that there are three decks of poker, and an 8 is specified as a special card. This card is also called a dog leg card. The civilians who touched the dog leg card automatically joined the landlord to form a two-to-three pattern. When the dog leg card is caught by the landlord himself, the landlord can choose to play a four in secret. At this time, the dog leg card can be used as an invincible card to kill the entire court. The fun of the game lies in the ambiguous identity of the players.

The above are two card games for five people that Card Sleeves Supplier introduces to everyone. Try it with your friends when you have time.

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