Inquiry & Quotes

Any quotation requirement please send to us via , and suggest the components, material requirements, quantity and expected delivery date, your help can make us quote more accurately. Please download the quote file HERE . The commonly used regulation is FOB shanghai, if you need the price for other terms, please let us know in advance.

Cost Effective Solutions

After you received the quotation, if there is any problem about the material or price, you are welcomed to talk with us. We will offer our best suggestion to balance the cost and function.


If the quotation can satisfy your needs, we are willing to offer free dummy sample for your further reference about the quality. By this way, we also want to show our sincerity to new customers who don’t understand our good quality yet.

Artwork & Prototype

After the quotation is confirmed, you have to send the files to us to move forward, and if you need the Artwork Guidelines, please download HERE. We will get your artwork files and our designer department will typeset the file and send it back to you for confirmation after typesetting. And the prototypes are available for you.

Mass production

After the artwork files get confirmed, we will place the order to our production department for mass production. Our standard production time is 30-45 days. However, if there is any urgent need, please always discuss it with your sales.During mass production, special personnel will follow up the production schedule to ensure our quality and delivery time.

Production Inspection & Certificates

After the mass production is finished, we will arrange special personnel to inspect the quality. And if there is any requirements for certificates from specific institution, we are willing to cooperate as well.

As you can see from the picture below, Hopes Game is ICTI, Wal-mart, ISO, CE, FDA, BSCI etc. certificated.



After the goods get inspected,we will ship it to the agreed address with the shipping term you confirmed and let you know the details.

After-sales service

Long-term success is built on real and lasting customer relationships. Our service is always here even the order is finished. For further problems or questions you may have, you are always welcomed to reach us,and we're sure your any inquiry or requirement will get prompt attention.

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