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Introduction and Recommendation of Poker Accessories

Dec. 25, 2021

There is an old saying that "time is a good healer", and it applies to playing cards as well. In addition to the card case and the A class we mentioned in the last article, you have a few other poker accessories that can help you maintain them better. Just like holidays can make a stressed person wonderful, HOPES, as a professional tabletop card manufacturer, we share some other common accessories for you.

Introduction and Recommendation of Poker Accessories

HOPES poker card

Deck protectors

Don't let your deck rattling around in the glove box or pocket of your car without any kind of protection. You can also get protective containers for playing cards. A plastic carrying case may be a better option for transporting your deck. Whatever you do, don't let these organizers flop around loosely while you travel, as they are sure to dent and dent, possibly damaging the cards in the process.

Using Card Holders

A card holder is a practical item, usually made of stainless steel metal or alloy, that can be fitted around your luggage to help with this problem. Once again, opinions may differ as to the benefits and advantages of card clips, and whether they really make any difference. These often claim to extend the life of your playing cards by providing additional protection and thus ensuring greater durability. Quality card holders are usually not cheap, but the quality is usually immediately apparent. They should have strong natural springs to ensure that your deck is firmly wedged between two pressure points. Card clips are also good accessories to show off your style and taste.

Use a game mat

Game mats can really make a difference to the health of your poker deck. Sure, a good solid-colored tablecloth might work, but there are better options. Not only does this protect the table, but more importantly it protects the cards. This keeps them well positioned on the table and also makes them easy to pick up. Many visitors to our tables who have played card games or enjoyed card magic have been impressed with this neoprene mat and want their own! Magicians have long used close-up mats for card magic, and the principle is the same.

Introduction and Recommendation of Poker Accessories

Game board

Using loose powder

All good quality playing cards are coated at the end of the production process. This helps the cards fan out and distribute evenly, and prolongs their life. Over time, however, this coating will wear off, so the cards will not slide as smoothly and the deck will begin to "clump". One way to solve this problem is to use fan powder or talcum powder, which helps minimize the extent to which the cards stick together. You may just need to try it with a cheaper deck of cards or a very worn deck of cards.

Avoid black decks

This is a sneaky tip, because playing cards with black borders or faces doesn't actually wear out any faster than cards with white borders or faces. Like most playing cards, cards with black borders/faces are made of paper and tend to chip and show signs of wear around the edges as the cards are used differently, as these are the parts of the card that handle the most and make the most contact. Unfortunately, this means that for black cards, the white cards underneath will naturally show up more quickly.

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