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Board Games Can Bring More than Amusement

Nov. 06, 2021

In case you can't imagine, board games have become more popular in recent years than ever before. Some malls in China have even built special "script decryption" rooms. That's because COVID 19 has been ravaging the planet for almost two years. We've been asked to cut back on going out, even quarantine; in previous years we've been able to happily go to our friends' parties on Halloween and Christmas and Chinese New Year, but not anymore.

Not being able to play together in the game room makes you unhappy? Well, let's find out what we can do to amuse ourselves: board games. When you are bored, this is not an activity that should be enjoyed occasionally, it must be a regular task in order to get the best results. Let's look at the benefits of these Card Box games.

ecos game

Brings people closer

Does anyone play board games alone? No. Obviously. Board games are based on one thing - cooperation. When it is "handled" through teamwork, it blossoms. It brings strangers, old friends, and colleagues together ...... Playing board games is the perfect way to spend your time at home or at work and strengthen your social connections.

Exercises brain function

This activity is a great workout for the brain. Because playing stimulates brain areas responsible for complex thinking and memory formation in children and adults, it helps practice basic cognitive skills such as problem solving and decision making.

Playing board games can also reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and, for older adults, help keep the mind sharp.

Brings laughter

Laughter is like a "side effect" of board games and is one of the most important components of a creative and enjoyable learning experience. In addition, laughing and having a good time often help reduce stress, which explains why studies have found that playing board games can reduce stress.

Playing board games triggers the release of endorphins, the "happy hormones" that have the ability to improve conscious and unconscious thought functions, making people feel cheerful, compassionate and ultimately content.

Helps you stay off the phone

One of the most surprising benefits of playing board games is that this traditional game pulls people out of the digital world. The activity of board games doesn't involve staring at a smartphone, tablet or computer screen. You're less likely to feel sore eyes and a stiff back!

Ascension game

Enhance creativity

Playing board games is a great opportunity for communication and openness, and is a great tool for shy children and timid adults. Playing encourages them to develop a stronger sense of creativity and individuality, which leads to greater self-esteem and the satisfaction of being included and "noticed".

Lower blood pressure

In addition to reducing stress, laughing and increasing "happy hormones," board games can be effective in maintaining blood pressure. It is believed that the release of endorphins encourages muscles to relax and blood to begin circulating more easily, which may lower blood pressure. This helps to reduce the risk of arterial damage, heart disease and even stroke in the long run.

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