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What Is The Role Of The Card Sleeves In Our Lives?

Oct. 15, 2019

Find here details of Transparent Card Sleeves on our website. Today we would like to talk about what is the role of the card sleeves in our lives.

The work permit card set is very common in our work. The production of the certificate is inseparable from the protection of the card cover. In the process of use, the card cover not only protects, but also the metal card cover will decorate the work permit and be more beautiful.

Transparent Card Sleeves

Transparent Card Sleeves

In addition, I believe that many of my friends have been exposed to bank card sets, because the usage rate of bank cards is very high. Whether it is withdrawing money or saving money, it is necessary to send money to others. Therefore, bank cards can cause frequent use. The bank card can not be used, it will become very safe if placed in the bank card holder, the bank card cover is generally cortex, the texture is fine, this is also the business to protect the bank card from being degaussed one way.

As a Card Sleeves Factory, we know that the function of the ferrule is to protect the various cards from breaking and degaussing. Because people now work under great pressure, their living habits are very bad. They always put some documents together, which may cause these cards to appear. In the phenomenon of degaussing, it is necessary to reissue the card, which is more troublesome. The introduction of the card cover makes up for this defect.

The metal ferrule of the origin is in use, the aluminum alloy material is based on modern sense, the wear resistance is good in use, and the service life is relatively long, which is why many enterprises choose metal ferrule as the work protection sleeve. Origin of the focus on metal ID card sets, ID card lanyard custom wholesale, welcome to inquire.

The texture of the card holder is soft, the surface is clear and transparent, and it can be found in the bag. All the cards are placed together without worrying. The appearance of the card cover helps many careless people, like The bus card for the elderly and the student card for the child can be protected by the ferrule to prevent the water from getting wet or broken, degaussing, etc. The function of the ferrule is very practical.

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