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Plastic Poker vs. Paper Poker, How Do I Choose

Mar. 11, 2022

HOPES offers plastic playing cards and paper cards. But which one should you buy? It depends. If you're looking for a deck of cards to use a few times a week on game night, then plastic would be your choice. If you're looking for a more unique set of cards to show off and do some tricks with, use paper.

Let's look at the differences between each.

Plastic Cards

There are many benefits to having 100% plastic cards compared to regular paper cards. Benefits include

Significantly more durable

Less prone to cheating

Can be cleaned

Don't bend easily


Easier to shuffle

Plastic cards are mainly used for their durability, which is a major reason why casinos use them, along with their many other advantages. Another reason casinos use plastic cards is because it is difficult to cheat with them. Many people will try to "mark" the cards to gain a slight advantage in a poker tournament by using sandpaper or scratching on the cards. Plastic cards are much harder to mark, so they are perfect for the casino or playing at home with your sneaky friends.   

Plastic Poker vs. Paper Poker, How Do I Choose

Playing cards will wear out, it is inevitable. Although, 100% plastic cards will last much longer than paper cards. Studies have shown that plastic cards last 50 times longer than paper cards. Paper cards bend easily, which makes plastic cards a better choice for rough shufflers or parents who may have children.

HOPES' plastic cards are great for beginners, they are easier to shuffle and will continue to be simple for the entire life of the deck. Plastic cards have also proven to be easier to shuffle than paper, as paper has more friction and plastic cards slide easily into place. 

Plastic playing cards will be more expensive overall than paper cards . Overall, 100% plastic playing cards are more durable, harder to cheat, cleanable, less bendable, have a unique "feel" and are easier to shuffle. The downside is that they are a little more expensive than paper cards, but a deck of plastic cards will last much longer than a deck of paper cards.

Paper Cards

You may be wondering why someone would choose paper cards over plastic cards. Well, there are many reasons why someone would do so. 

Much cheaper

The first choice for magic

Classic and common

Plastic Poker vs. Paper Poker, How Do I Choose

If you have ever seen a magician perform, they will most likely use a deck of cards. Magicians like to use solitaire for many reasons. They are easy to tear, fold and burn.

Many magicians use strategies that include tearing, folding or burning cards to wow the audience. This is much more difficult with plastic cards. It is possible to use 100% plastic cards, but magicians are performing and need to be quick and seamless.

Many people believe that once a cardboard deck is dirty it is ruined, which is not entirely true. There are several ways to clean paper decks, such as using talcum powder, or using a crust of white bread (fun but effective), and finally, take care of them first. Be careful what you eat and drink around them, and if they get dirty, clean them immediately.

Which one should I choose?

When comparing these two different materials, it basically comes down to what you use the cards for. If you have friends over once or twice a week to play card games, plastic cards will last longer and be safer when there is food and drink around. However, if you want to build interest in Magic, use Solitaire. The flow and ease of operation is much easier than plastic solitaire.

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