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Six Rreasons Why Board Games Are Making A Comeback

Jan. 28, 2022

Over the past few years, video games have revolutionized themselves, moving from classic consoles like Atari and Nintendo to advanced consoles, mobile apps and online games that provide instant access to thousands of games with fewer parts and pieces.

But Monopoly isn't dead. In fact, board games and puzzles are booming, with more than 3,900 new board games released to the public by major manufacturers in 2016. New human interaction games such as Hunt A Killer, The Oregon Trail and Exploding Kittens are paving the way for a board game comeback. Especially in the COVID-19 era, board games provided the kind of social activity that today's society craves.

Six Rreasons Why Board Games Are Making A Comeback

Reducing Stress

Life can be full of stress. Board games can help distract from stressful, intrusive thoughts and realign our thinking as we focus on a new adventure, story or challenge. Board games release endorphins that make us feel happy. Board games bring people closer together, build stronger bonds with family and friends, and have the potential to spark new friendships.

Interpersonal interaction

While smart devices have changed the way we manage our lives and access information, they have also disrupted human interaction. Board games help millennials interact with each other, build better relationships and build self-esteem.

Six Rreasons Why Board Games Are Making A Comeback

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Benefits to health

Over time, health awareness has become more personalized. Now, more than ever, awareness of engaging in healthy activities is commonplace. Board games provide a mental break from stress and give us a break from the potentially harmful blue light on our screens.

Team Building

Board games provide a great option for building team chemistry. Incorporating board games into team building activities can be an effective solution to promote team productivity and synergy. jenga is a perfect example of a board game that incorporates solutions to team building problems.

Goals and patience

Board games offer the opportunity to set goals, both individually and as a team, depending on the game and its rules. Winning is about patience and strategy. Understanding the rules, timing, player skill level and game navigation are the keys to winning at board games. Board games offer the opportunity to work towards a goal and be patient, you just have to turn, move or roll the dice.

Six Rreasons Why Board Games Are Making A Comeback

Bars, cafes

Board games help attract more people to bars, cafes and restaurants. Board games are sweeping the food and beverage industry as businesses stand out from the competition. From Europe to the United States, restaurants, bars and cafes are offering board games. Board games give participants the opportunity to connect and interact with friends, family, co-workers, and even make new friends.

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Six Rreasons Why Board Games Are Making A Comeback

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