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You Do not Have To Play Board Games

Dec. 04, 2019

A table game is simply a game played on a table. The name sounds so boring, and you might think: Can this thing be fun for poker? If I think of "poker" as "all games played with cards as props," my answer will be very hesitant. After all, "poker" has evolved into a huge and self-contained board game system through the evolution of rules. If it is based on "rules", most board games can be said to be its continuation and expansion.

Since the rules of Cards Game  like "Poker" are ever-changing, does that mean that the rules of board games will only be more complicated? I want to say: Every game I first encountered was "complex". It's just that, because of the different presentation methods and the presets in our heads, it becomes possible to make complexity simple.

Except for double board games, the best experience for most board games is 4 or more people. Playing mahjong are all missing one, do you want me to find someone to play board games? Genetically speaking, the board game itself is the product of real social interaction, which is different from the virtual social derived from online games, and the trouble that "people" cannot get around is exactly the starting point of the board game. Although sometimes it is troublesome to gather people, it also provides infinite charm to board games, especially in many language expressions and "mouth-fire" (negotiation-driven) board games. "People in reality" make Board Games appear impossible. Uniqueness of replacement. When playing board games, you will always see a group of people sitting around the table. Talent is the core driving force of board games.

Board Games

Board Games

Regardless of whether you open an online store or enter a board game, for those who are new to board games, it is easy to trigger selection difficulties in the face of the colorful walls. Everyone has different considerations for board games, and the BGG score tends to not be fully referenced by the heavy strategy. The best way is to go to the board game for the boss to recommend, or go to the major board game exhibitions that have become hot in recent years to try it for yourself.

At major exhibitions, you can try and play various board games yourself. "Like" is very intuitive and the only criterion. If you want to choose to buy a board game, we recommend that you consider reopening (the probability of a board game repeating play). This indicator is usually related to factors such as the degree of variability of the game, the difficulty of the rules, the length of the game, and the composition of the playmates. There are always some short and smart "yarn" board games in the home, whether it is entertaining relatives or groups or traveling, they can be used as "plug and play" entertainment plug-ins.

Then again, in my opinion, the most similar game to board games is sports. You don’t have to play board games, a hike or a baseball. If you refuse to think and communicate for fear of trouble, All that's left is boring time.

Besides, is this thing missing for the trouble of playing? So if you don’t think it’s too much trouble, you can play board games. If you don’t have enough people, you can also play games like Dice. It’s easy and fast.

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